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Willie Kalaskie  Chairman

of the NWTF Pikes Peak Chapter

William (Willie) Kalaskie volunteered to become the Chairman of the NWTF’s Pike’s Peak Chapter in January 2012.  He is a retired Air Force colonel having served almost 28 years on active duty. He retired in May 2006. 

He was raised in western Pennsylvania; but has lived all over the nation, as well as in Germany and Turkey.  He has called Colorado Springs “home” since August 1996.  He is married and is passionate about turkey hunting and turkey habitat conservation efforts. 


Welcome to the National Wild Turkey Federation’s (NWTF) Pike’s Peak Chapter webpage.     I hope you find navigating the webpage an easy task. Though it’s a new webpage, we’re continually striving to make it user-friendly and include relevant information for those of you new to the area as well as long-time residents of El Paso County.

I moved to Colorado Springs in 1996 and have been the Pike’s Peak Chapter Chairman since January, 2011.  I’ve been an NWTF member for about a decade and have enjoyed many of the hunting and fishing opportunities the state has to offer.  As a retired air force colonel who has lived across our nation from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from North Dakota to Alabama, I’ve come to realize Colorado is definitely a “hoofs and horns” state where hunting is concerned. 

 What do I mean by this and how does it impact turkey hunting here?  I think you’ll find, when people talk about hunting in Colorado, their conversations center on big game hunting.  Elk, mule deer, pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, and even moose, bear and mountain lion are “king” in this state where hunting is concerned.  Frankly speaking, turkey hunting, in Colorado, remains a growth industry--and I find that to be a good thing.

 Because turkey hunting in Colorado competes with hunting a variety of  big game species (not just white tail deer as in many areas back east), it is not as “big” here as it is in states such as Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Pennsylvania, etc.  I suppose, to a lot of hunters, taking an elk, muley or bighorn sheep is simply more glamorous or gratifying than taking a turkey (it is also generally more expensive).  Because of that mindset, you will find the woods less populated with hunters during turkey season.  To me…that’s nice.  In my view, turkey hunting in Colorado normally causes less damage to one’s wallet and definitely is as rewarding and enjoyable as hunting big game animals.

 So, if you live in the Colorado Springs area and are interesting in turkey hunting, I invite you to join the NWTF’s Pike’s Peak Chapter.  For an adult, membership is just $35.00 per year.  For youth under 18, it’s just $10.00 per year.  Please contact me at 719-661-6998 or at wkhunter56@gmail.com if you have questions about turkey hunting in the Pike’s Peak region or around Colorado.


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